12 Days of Advent: Christmas Countdown

Southill Primary proudly presents:


Day 12: Thursday 17th December

Jingle Bell Rock LIVE!

Performed by Year 6 (recorded live from our school hall!) with thanks to Mr Prior and Mr Bell


Day 11: Wednesday 16th December

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Performed by members of Year 5, with thanks to Mr Bell


Day 10: Tuesday 15th December

Christmas Poems

A selection of fabulous festive poems recited by Reception Class, with thanks to Mrs Puddick and Mrs Kench

All the little children just can’t wait …


Day 9: Monday 14th December

Christmas, Christmas

Written and performed by Year 2, with thanks to Mrs Murray

We are very impressed with the lyrics that you all wrote to this familiar tune Year 2, well done!


Day 8: Friday 11th December

The Story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Read by Year 6, with thanks to Mr Prior

A bumper edition for our countdown today with a festive tale lovingly read by Year 6, who would like to dedicate this story to their buddies in Reception Class. Current restrictions have meant that they’ve yet to spend time together, however we hope that this can be resolved in the new year and look forward to the stories that you’ll then be able to share.



Day 7: Thursday 10th December

Spot the ‘School Office’ Difference

With thanks to Mrs Sharpe and Mrs Howe.

How many can you find? Have fun playing along!


Day 6: Wednesday 9th December

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Performed by Year 3, with thanks to Mr Price

🀫 These are Y3’s quietest singing voices …


Day 5: Tuesday 8th December

Christmas Cracker Jokes

Delivered by members of Year 5, with thanks to Mr Mason

Christmas isn’t complete without a few classic Christmas cracker jokes, we’ve selected some of our favourites! Β Enjoy …


Day 4:Β  Monday 7th December

Little Donkey

Performed by members of Year 1, with thanks to Mr Bell

We hope that this little tune brings on some festive cheer!



Day 3: Β Friday 4th December

It’s Christmas Time!

Performed by Year 4 on guitars, with thanks to Mr Mason and Mr Bell

We had fun rewriting the lyrics to a tune that Year 4 have been learning as part of their weekly guitar lessons. Β We hope that it makes you smile!



Day 2: Thursday 3rd December

How to make a Christmas Tree Decoration

Instructions by Year 1, with thanks to Miss Curtis and Mrs Jones.

🀫 If you’re eagle-eyed, you may spot the reason why Mr Frampton dug a hole in our garden!



Day 1: Wednesday 2nd December

Jingle Bells

Performed by members of Year 2, with thanks to Mr Bell.



30 comments on “12 Days of Advent: Christmas Countdown

  1. Mrs Puddick says:

    We really liked your music.
    Good job.

    From Reception Class.

  2. Mrs Symonds says:

    We are so glad that you are enjoying the Advent videos, Reception Class! All the children have enjoyed reading your comments, thank you very much for writing.

    It’ll be your turn soon! πŸ™‚

  3. Mrs Puddick says:

    Year 1, your decorations look really good.
    Your cutting was great.
    From Reception Class

  4. Mrs Puddick says:

    Year 4
    Your Christmas song is good.
    We love your antlers!
    We love the music.
    From Reception Class

  5. well done evrey one so far.

  6. Mrs Puddick says:

    It was exciting listening to your brilliant song Year 1.
    From Reception

  7. bethany year 3 says:

    welldone resepcoin class

  8. The jokes were very funny and they made us laugh.
    From Reception.

  9. Great singing from Year 3!

    From Reception

  10. Grace Nobbs year 3 says:

    well done class I really enjoyed the bit where we waved in slowmo and when we shouted at the end . I really enjoyed it . hope next year we can do a play . WELL DONE YEAR 3.hope you all enjoyed it . I really Enjoyed it woo

  11. Well done everyone so far

  12. Well done everyone
    From Becci in year three

  13. Well done everybody so far it is amazing

  14. I loved sining rocking around the Christmas tree hope you all loved it

  15. Thankyou to the office ladies.
    We loved the game.
    The banana phone was very funny.
    From Reception

  16. Year 6 Buddies, listening to your story made us feel very happy.
    It made us feel like Christmas is nearly here.
    Thank you very much.
    Happy Christmas from Reception Class

  17. I really liked your story Year Six.

  18. Well done Year 2. We really liked your Christmas song. We really enjoyed it. Thank you and Happy Christmas from Year 3.

  19. Mrs Puddick says:

    Well done Year 2.
    Your singing was beautiful.
    From Reception Class

  20. Some amazing poems, Reception! You did a great job at telling them.

    I particularly liked the excited giggling. I too cannot wait for Christmas!! 😊

  21. Mrs Symonds says:

    Reception Class – it’s finally your turn! We LOVE your poems very much, they make us feel really excited for Christmas.

    Thank you for all your comments every day, the children in other classes have loved reading them. You have helped to spread kindness through our school.

    Enjoy your special moment! Well done

  22. Mrs Puddick says:

    Happy Christmas, we hope you all enjoyed our poems.
    From Reception Class.

  23. Well done Reception. We loved your Christmas poems. They were very good. Well done and HAPPY CHRISTMAS from Year 3

  24. Well done to all the Reception children, such lovely poems and great actions. You made us smile, from Mrs Howe and Mrs Sharpe.

  25. Well done i loved all of the things all of the school weeeeeeeeeeπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜›

  26. Well done Year 5. We really enjoyed your song. Great guitar playing. You rock !!
    From Year 3

  27. Charlie yr6 says:

    I love all of those videos, it is like Christmas is almost here

  28. WOW WEE
    That was AMAZZZZING
    You blew us away
    Merry Christmas Year 6
    From Year 3

  29. This looks amazing!! Merry Christmas everybody..

  30. Love the 12 days of advent, well done everyone, brilliant effort πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

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