12 Days of Advent: SPECIAL EDITION


We are incredibly honoured to present a special edition Christmas Advent, with a very special message from a very important person …



Wow! Β How honoured we are to have such a magical message left just for us! Β Thank you very much Father Christmas.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas, with best wishes for 2021.


Thank you for enjoying all our 12 Days of Advent: Christmas Countdown videos. Β We had lots of fun making them!


3 comments on “12 Days of Advent: SPECIAL EDITION

  1. Southill School you are too cute!

    Merry Christmas Santa, Teachers, staff, Sooty and all the children.

    I have loved watching ALL of the 12 days of Christmas x

  2. Santa. You’re the best.
    Merry Christmas Santa
    From Year 3

  3. bethany.y3 says:


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