2%er Assembly

It was a cracking assembly this afternoon and we had so much to get through because children have been doing amazing things all over the place!!

Firstly, huge congratulations to our Y6 pupils who entered the National Literacy Trust’s Reading Championships Quiz this week. They were absolutely astounding and represented Southill very, very well. We didn’t win but we were the highest performing primary school in the South West heat. A huge achievement – well done to them all!

Our wellbeing reporters from Reception told us all about how they have been learning self-care this week with the Stormbreak ‘Say Hello to your Trees’. They explained the activity very clearly and told the audience that this had made them feel calm and happy. Lovely!

Well done to all the Stormbreakers who have impressed their teachers and peers this week.

Well done TT Rockstars

Well done Lexia Superstars

See you next week, you awesome lot!

Mrs Wood 🌈

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