A Day in the Life of a Red Blood Cell

A Day in the Life of a Red Blood Cell


Year Six have been investigating the red blood cells and how the heart plays a pivotal role in helping deliver blood around your body. The children were tasked with watching a short video (where we observed the life of a red blood cell around the circulatory system) and were required to put the journey of the cell into chronological order.

This was a very tough task as the circulatory system is very complex and children had to demonstrate all of their learning powers if they had any chance of achieving the task. Fortunately, they did!

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and the children have certainly learnt a great deal about the blood that oozes through our arteries and veins.


2 comments on “A Day in the Life of a Red Blood Cell

  1. That was really fun and now I have more knowledge about the human body than I ever thought was possible for me! Thank you Mr. Prior for a GREAT lesson!

  2. Well done year 6 fabulous work everyone

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