A Fabulously Festive Christmas Lunch

Today was the day of our popular Christmas Lunch, which also doubled up as Christmas Jumper Day.  It was the first time that some of us had been in the hall to eat lunch for a long while, but the best part was that classes (bubbles) were able share the experience with others – socially distanced, for the first time this school year.  Very special!

The atmosphere was beautifully festive, with delicious Christmas dinners cheerfully served to the tune of our favourite Christmas songs.  The food was delicious, staff even got to have a meal of their own, a real treat!

Thank you very much to our lunchtime team, we really appreciate all that you do and today was no exception.  Thanks to Mrs Hallett and Mrs Newman for cooking all those dinners … not the easiest of tasks!

Of course we missed our usual fantastic FOSS helpers, we hope to see you all next year.

Here are some photos for you all to enjoy:

Our lunchtime team:

One comment on “A Fabulously Festive Christmas Lunch

  1. Louise Bugler says:

    Looks like you had an awesome lunch – delicious! Thank you to all of the lunch team for everything you do throughout the year!

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