Acorns Away!

Today we welcomed Mrs Ellis to our class to talk to us about oak trees and their seeds, acorns.  Mrs Ellis planted an acorn many years ago and now has a productive oak tree in her front garden!  She has kindly donated a plentiful supply to the school and we have planted them in the hopes of growing some oaks to plant around the school hedgerows and grounds.

We learnt that oak trees should not be planted near buildings as they can have large roots and they prefer to grow in open spaces.   We learnt about the Oak Gall Wasps which burrow and lay their eggs in oak trees.  We also looked at the Bowthorpe Oak, the oldest known oak tree in Britain at over 1,000 years old with a circumference of 12 and a half metres! Using string, we made that circumference and needed to spread around 4 tables!

Now we have lots of acorns planted up, ready to germinate and hopefully produce some saplings to plant out, watch this space!  Many thanks to Mrs Ellis for her time and acorns!

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