All together now!

What a lovely morning where we met the rest our friends as a whole class. It was much busier but we all remembered the routines well and had a great time meeting new people.

We went outside to play, before it got too hot, and here we are lining up together.

In the classroom we explored together:

Pompoms and tweezers


Ponies, puzzles and magnets

Having fun in the home corner and being creative at our craft area.

Making models with the lego.

In our outdoor area we played with the dolls house, built with popoids and kept cool with the water!

There were lots of smiles and we are excitied about continuing on our learning journey next week.

Have a look at the home learning section for some fun ideas to try at home.


2 comments on “All together now!

  1. Lucy Desmond - Weeks says:

    Belle is loving reception . She was so excited to meet the rest of her class today. Thank you so much for another fun filled morning and for a great first week. ☺️

  2. Thank you for a great first week in Reception for Pearl, she has enjoyed everything she has been up to ☺️

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