An all-round great afternoon!

Whilst some of Years 4, 5 and 6 participated in the brilliant 2-Square tournament, the rest of us also participated in a fantastic afternoon.

To begin with, we completed some art tutorials, drawing and colouring pictures of our choice. Have a look at the care, skill and dedication we have spent on these amazing pictures! We used different strength art pencils to create a shade and tone of our choice and then finished our pieces with colour, well done everyone!

After that, we used our fitness skills in a great gymnastics session using the equipment in the hall. Following a very brisk and active warmup practicing our direction and lefts and rights, we then worked reciprocally to set-up the equipment and make sure it was safe with mats. When we had split into groups, we took it in turns moving around each area of the hall to climb, swing, balance, slide, jump and stretch! Have a look at our amazing skills, posture and heights! Well done everyone, an all-round great afternoon!

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