We were lucky enough to have our very first Relax Kids session of the academic year this afternoon and my goodness how much calmer do we all feel?

The session linked rather nicely to our Blood Heart topic as we very much focused on the importance of managing our breathing in order to help us feel calm and content. This also then lowered our heart rates in order to bask in peace and tranquility. By the end of the session, some of the children had even fallen asleep!

During these unprecedented times,  I cannot think of anything more important than developing self-confidence and the ability to manage our thoughts and feelings. Some of the super calming strategies that Sian has taught us will, I’m sure, help the children immensely.

Roll on session number two!

Well done, Year 6.


5 comments on “And…Relaaax

  1. Wow it looked fun it’s a shame i missed it all. 😥

  2. That was soo fun and really nice because we haven’t done it in two years! I bet it was also nice for you Mr. Prior, because you’ve never done it before and maybe (probably) you joined in too! Thank you! 😊

  3. I really enjoyed doing relax kids hope to do it again.

  4. Josh Collins yr6 says:

    I love it thanks a lot Mr P

  5. This lesson is one of the best as I get a little sleep (the floor is more comfortable than it looks). Thanks Mr Prior.

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