Animal Adventures – Part 2

Under the sea

There are some amazing photos to share with you again this week – the second week of our animal adventures. We have been exploring under the sea and our book of the week was called A hole in the bottom of the sea. I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures – congratulations to parents and children for such brilliant home learning.

This first collection celebrates one of our favourite craft activities this week: foil-covered fish! I think you will agree the children seem to be enjoying this and the fish produced are beautiful.

In this second collage, just look at this fantastic writing. This comes from our ‘picture of the day’ challenges. Look closely to see tricky words, finger spaces, great sounding out, super sentences and even a whole book! I am very proud of you all.

In this third collection, a range of activities: reading, telescope making, floating and sinking, pink dens and enjoying the sunshine.

Finally, some wonderful crafty creations, more great writing and walking the plank!

Thanks for a great week everyone. Have a good weekend, from Mrs Puddick.

One comment on “Animal Adventures – Part 2

  1. Hannah Gammon says:

    Lovely pictures and work by everyone. Fleur enjoys looking at the photos to see her friends and everyone’s hard work too!

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