Animal Art Project

Over the past few weeks we have been exploring the relationship of Animals and Art and how this has changed over time.

Our art project, Animal, started off looking different art over time. Focusing on how art has changed from the ancient Egyptian temples all the way to modern day. We focused more specifically on comparing two modern artists work, Tom Classen and Damien Hirst.

The first lesson we learnt how to analyse art, thinking about our personal responses to it. What do we think the artist is trying to communicate? Does each price make you feel or think differently? We also looked more specially at the form, colour and shape comparing similarities and differences.

Lesson two took us to our sketch books, looking animal prints and shapes. We used these to create our own print designs, which we then transferred onto polystyrene and printed ourselves. These were a little bit tricky, but we persevered and they looked fab in the end!

The next few lesson focused on clay skills. We spent some time learning how to make specific shapes and how to join them together. We learnt how to make slip (which is basically clay glue) and how to use metal rods or pins to support our structures. This is called armature.  We could then apply these techniques when making Bankura Horse Scuplutres.
These are a traditional type of animal sculpture which have been made for many years in India. We used a step by step video to help us break down the design and lots of us were really surprised at what we were able to achieve.

Finally, we reflected upon our sculptures and gave feedback to ourselves and others. We focused on being positive about our achievements, but also included in some constructive feedback thinking about vocabulary such as Рtechnique, form, shape,  method and successful.

These sculptures will be on display in Unit 2 at parents evening for you to enjoy and take home.

I have REALLY enjoyed spending the last few weeks with you Year 4. Your resilient attitude has made me really proud.

Thanks for a great time!

Miss Curtis



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