Animal Patterns

Animal Patterns


Our final companion project this term focused around animals in art. We began by learning about the historical and cultural portrayal of animals in art through history. We then learnt all about how to accurately sketch animals using various shapes in order to draw accurately and in proportion. This was hard at first, however by adjusting our grip of the pencil it allowed us to sketch lightly and ensure that the shapes could be erased leaving only the sketched animal.

Today, we concluded the project by focusing on animal patterns. The children’s sketch books were divided up into squares and they had to look carefully at animal markings. Using their pencil, they then sketched the various patterns in the small squares. Once all the squares had been completed, the finished product looked really effective.

All that’s left to say is that I hope you all have a lovely Easter!

Mr. Prior

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  1. Noah.graham says:

    I liked doing the animal patterns

  2. I loved doing that task

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