Architectural grandeur in Year 5.

This week our Design and Technology project has seen us designing, creating and building a model of our own building designs! After spending some time last week researching different styles and eras of architecture, this week we have looked at stability of buildings and how to create a design which would enable a building to stand tall and strong. Putting these tests into practice, we have created some amazing models!

We have thought about the influences of classical, gothic, renaissance, modern and minimalist architecture. We have also designed types of columns, arches, lintels and friezes using our knowledge of ancient Greek architecture.

Following the design process, we have also evaluated our products and have thought about how we could improve it in the future. Year 5 have absolutely loved this project this week and we are so proud of the resourceful thinking and often resilient attitudes to such a tricky and fiddly process, well done everyone. Have a look for yourselves and let us know your thoughts on our designs, lots of future architects here we think!

3 comments on “Architectural grandeur in Year 5.

  1. Mrs Jones says:

    They look amazing! Well done yr 5 ⭐️

  2. Mrs Jones says:

    They look brilliant! Well done yr 5 ⭐️

  3. Imogen J says:

    That was so fun!

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