Art, but not as we know it!


As part of our Line, Light and Shadow topic, Year 5 have been using photography to focus on aspects of form, light, pattern and shadow.  We focused on natural objects and took photos using the iPads.

The children really took on board the discussion about composition, backgrounds and angles and what parts would be in the photo.  There was plenty of time to have a go, review and try again.  By changing the photos to black and white on the iPads, it was easy to focus on the detail, without getting distracted by the colour.  These were some of the results.  Wow!

Next, we had a go at editing and adapting some photos digitally.  This involved using software called Kleki and creating layers on top of a photo.  It was great fun.

Finally, we applied our knowledge of line, light and shadows along with our new skills learnt, to create a final observational drawing from a black and white photo.  We needed to ensure we included any of the techniques we have studied in our picture.




One comment on “Art, but not as we know it!

  1. Mrs Hill says:

    Wow Year 5! What true artists you are, these photographs are phenomenal! I love how you have applied all the skills to your final pieces, well done everyone!

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