Balltastic Club – Volleyball Edition

Balltastic Club – Volleyball Edition


Today marked the beginning of Balltastic Club. This week, the children learnt all about the game volleyball. We began by practising some of the key shots: dig, set and SMASH! The children rallied with a partner to see how long they were able to keep the ball in the air. We soon realised that bending knees, getting underneath the ball and body position were essential to making the ball travel to where you want it to go!


We then introduced a net to hit over. The children had three challenges to complete:


Challenge 1 – Could they bucket serve over the net, join the back of the opposing team and await for the return

Challenge 2 – Could they set/dig the ball over the net for their teammate to catch and then join the back of the opposing team

Challenge 3 – COULD they dig and set without catching the ball in order to rally back and forth.


The final challenge proved difficult but the children did not give up. We then played a game called ‘Ghosts’. Children were served a ball by yours truly and had to return the ball so that it landed on the other side of the playing area. If they were unsuccessful, they had to become a ghost and stand somewhere on my side of the playing area. If however they successfully caught one of the other player’s hits, they would rejoin the game and the opposing player became the ghost.

I have to say the kids were a joy to teach and they seemed to really enjoy the session. I wonder what we’re doing next week…

Mr. P

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