Beware of The Kraken…

Beware of The Kraken…

Today in writing, the children learnt all about the Scandinavian mythical creature…The Kraken. We learnt that Scandinavians believed that this creature lived off the coast of Norway and it was both colossal in size and destructive in its nature.

We then watch a video clip to witness the destruction for ourselves. The children were asked to pay close attention to what they could possibly describe about the appearance of the Kraken. The children then learnt all about similes and metaphors and thought of how they could use these to describe this monstrous creature.

Using the toolkit and their observations, the children then wrote all about the Kraken in their writing books. The quality of their work was excellent and they used similes and metaphors effectively in order to describe the mythical creature.

Well done, Year 4. You were ‘kraken’ in this lesson!

Mr. Prior

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