Book Talk!

Book Talk!


Year 4 have been getting stuck into some conversations all about books over the past few weeks. Each week, we look at a different book and…


-unpick the language

-learn about new vocabulary

-infer what characters are thinking and feeling

-magpie great ideas for our own writing

-make predictions

-make links with other books we have read


So far in Year 4, we have looked at three books. The Dot, The Creakers and The Twits. All three of these books are very different, however the children have really enjoyed learning about all three of them. We begin Book Talk sessions by talking about part of the story and discuss our observations as a class. The following session then involves answering comprehension questions based on the story.


Book Talk is great because if the children really like the look of a book, they can then choose to read all of it. In fact, already a number of children have done this and some children have also quizzed the book!


Well done, Year 4. I wonder what book we will be looking at next week?

Mr. P


3 comments on “Book Talk!

  1. Well done Year 4 – itโ€™s really great to see you all enjoying your new class and your Book Talks look great! What a fab start to the year ๐Ÿ‘

  2. i loved book talk on the twits it is a relly good book

  3. Book talk really helps me learn more about reading. we have more time to talk with people we don’t really play with or talk to i love school it’s really help me

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