Botany in Year 5!

Today we took our science learning about plant reproduction further by examining features of a flowering plant.  These plants reproduce through pollination with pollen grains from the male anther of a flower to the female stigma of another flower.

We first had a look at the outside of the flowers, naming the stem, sepals and petals.  Then we looked inside the flowers to find the anthers, stamen and stigmas.  In order to see futher, we used knives to dissect the tulips and carnations so we could see the style, ovary and ovules of each one.

Everyone took such care to cut smoothly and cleanly and it was fascinating to see a real life diagram of the inside of a flower in such great detail.  We were all shocked at how small the ovules are before they turn into seeds!

To complete our learning, we then drew a detailed diagram of our dissections and labelled the name and purpose of each part of the flower.

Fantastic resourceful and careful learning Year 5, well done!

2 comments on “Botany in Year 5!

  1. Molly Foster💙 says:

    This week was so fun because we got to experiment with the spring onions.

  2. We’re so glad you’ve enjoyed it Molly! It was great fun!

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