Celebrating Diwali

Today we found out more about how people celebrate Diwali. We watched an episode of JoJo and Gran Gran to learn about Diwali. In this episode, they celebrate Diwali, the festival of light. We found out about fireworks, food, colour, patterns, lights and celebrations.

In our classroom, our provision enabled us to explore how to create patterns, use colour and create pretend Diwali sweets!

Here we are using brushes in sparkly sand to create firework shapes. We also covered firework pattens with coloured pompoms, cogs and gems.

Here we used jewels and mirrors to create rangoli patterns.


We added gems to the playdough area and decided to create Diwali sweets.

In one of our tuff trays, we covered a large rangoli pattern with jewels.


We had such a colourful and sparkly day learning together. Look at our sparkly fireworks and patterns on our hands.

Fantastic learning everyone!


2 comments on “Celebrating Diwali

  1. Lucy Desmond - Weeks says:

    Belle ran out of school this afternoon so excited to tell me all about Diwali. Thank you for another fab day of learning in reception but also another day expanding their minds !

  2. Sophie Murray says:

    Eddie enjoyed telling us about his learning. What a super sparkly day! Well done Reception.

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