Coastline Explorers!

This morning we braved the drizzly weather and took a trip to Weymouth Beach.  As part of our Coastline topic, we have been learning all about human and physical features of the coast. Today we had the opportunity to use our fieldwork and observational skills to identify and record some for ourselves!

When we arrived back in the classroom, we shared our findings including the following features:

Human – the Pier Bandstand, Weymouth Pavilion, hotels, B&Bs, tourist attractions such as The Sealife Centre, cafés, the pier and sea defences including the sea wall and rock groyne.

Physical – cliffs, bay, beach and nearby fields.

Using our fieldwork and with the help of Google Maps, we created our own maps of the area that we visited, including symbols and a key.

We would like to say a big thank you to our helpers for joining us on the trip and to FOSS who kindly funded our ice cream treat! A very enjoyable day – well done Year 2!

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