Constructing our Canopic Jars

Constructing our Canopic Jars


Last week, we began looking at statues, statuettes and figurines from Ancient Egypt. We talked about the similarities and differences and researched what the Egyptians used canopic jars for. It turns out that they were used to store the organs removed from someone’s body during the mummification process…yuck! We learnt that the heads featured on the jars represented different Egyptian Gods who looked after different parts of the body. We then sketched our very own canopic jar, thinking about which Egyptian God we intended to mold on the lid.

This afternoon, the children began making their own canopic jar using a coil pot method for the base of the pot and a moulding technique for the lid. Don’t worry, we won’t be storing any organs in them!

We will post some pictures of the finished jars next week so stay tuned!

Sue Aitken


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  1. I had so much fun making the canopic jars🇪🇬🇪🇬

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