Cracking Code and Arranging Algorithms

Cracking Code and Arranging Algorithms


This afternoon, we learnt all about coding. We began by watching a video which detailed just how important coding has become in everyday life. Take a look…



The children learnt what an algorithm was and had a go at creating a series of instructions in order to achieve a goal. It was an incredible afternoon and the children seemed to really enjoy learning about code. A number of chidlren were interested in doing more coding at home. Why not take a look at the following website and have a go at a few more of the coding activities…




4 comments on “Cracking Code and Arranging Algorithms

  1. Coding was so fun today thanks Mr P. I will beat your high score of 27,000 in space invaders.

  2. I loved doing this and I have started doing it at home with Josie!

  3. That was a super fun lesson!!!! Thank you Mr. Prior I am definitely going to have a go on!

  4. i love doing this it was soooo much fun.

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