D-Day Dances

D-Day Dances


Over the past few afternoons, the children have been learning all about D-Day. After watching the video above, the children began thinking about how they could portray this battle…’through the medium of dance!’


After getting into groups and getting to grips with the song choice, the children then began working reciprocally in order to choreograph a routine based around D-Day. The children did a stunning job and I could not be more proud! They thought carefully about the tempo and the count of 4 in order to create actions that would fitย  the music.


Well done, Year 6!




9 comments on “D-Day Dances

  1. Amelia . B says:

    Well done everyone ! I thought I would hate this but I loved making the dance and I enjoyed the challenges you gave my group after! Thanks Mr .p for an amazing lesson

  2. So apparently if year 6 were fighting on D-Day we would all basically just put on that song and dance those move yeah I’m kinda glad we’re not in the war because otherwise we would have lost because we would have just been dancing to that song but I really enjoyed doing it

  3. Amazing i absolutely loved it thankyou mr prior. You have loads of fun things planned for us. From Amie๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  4. Thank you mr Prior I really enjoyed it!It was a fun and challenging activity.thank you!๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  5. Oh my that was amazing everyone was amazing.I really liked that D-Day dance.I also enjoyed the challenges you gave my group to do and we all completed it so thank you Mr.P for an amazing day/my bday at school.

  6. this was one of the best lessons ever during our topic WW2 even though at first I didn’t want do it

  7. Sienna Mai says:

    I loved the dance we did, I also enjoyed the challenges you set us. The whole class seem to have a fun pack day . Thankyou Mr P for making it happen
    Sienna -mai

  8. Well done Mr Prior! We all had a lovely afternoon.
    The challenges you set us, we completed them.
    What a great afternoon that was!
    Thank you Mr Prior! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I really enjoyed the D-day dances. At first I knew some people might not injoy it but once we got going ,those in particular were really injoying it.

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