Data, data everywhere.

In our Computing lessons this term, we have been leaning all about paper and computer based data bases.

Last week we made some paper based data all about animals.  Each record contained data about one animal for example, a monkey.  Each record contains fields for example, information about if the animal can fly, has it got 6 legs and is it more than one colour.

This week, we looked at computer based data bases which are a collection of data that is stored in a computer and that can easily be used and added to.  We answered lots of questions and found out lots of interesting facts using the database on minibeasts and different countries.  We sorted data into forms and tables to find out which representation was the most useful.  We can tell you about China’s population, which minibeasts have no legs and also how to sort columns from a to z, or z to a!   We are really getting the hang of them!

Soon, we will be creating our own databases, and we can’t wait!


4 comments on “Data, data everywhere.

  1. It was a great lesson today.

  2. I loved it especially when I saw a picture of a snail 🐌

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  4. i loved that lesson

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