Deadly 60 Documentaries

Deadly 60 Documentaries


Feeling inspired by Deadly 60, we followed in the footsteps of Steve Backshall and created our very own animal documentaries.


The children wrote speeches in their books, thinking carefully about what they were going to describe and how they would react if a deadly animal was just inches away! Some children then had the opportunity to be filmed watching their animal in its natural habitat.


We definitely have some animal experts in Year 3. What an amazing topic and one I think the children will remember for a long time.




5 comments on “Deadly 60 Documentaries

  1. Ayla litherland says:

    ? WOW you did a great job year 3

  2. I liked doing the poem

  3. Ellie Belle says:

    Well done year 3 brilliant x

  4. That was amazing ? Archie floss and Jess were great! ?

  5. That was amazing

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