Do you want to build a hill fort?

Today, we learnt about how the the Celts used hillforts to defend and protect themselves from other Celtic tribes during the Iron Age. We reflected on what we had learned in previous lessons and thought about how the discovery of iron changed the way people lived in many ways. One of them being the fact that weapons were now a lot stronger, so people now had to think of new ways to protects their settlements. One of the ways in which they did this was by building hillforts around their settlements. Not only did this delay the arrival of invading tribes but also allowed the tribe in danger to spot their enemies from afar, so they had some time to prepare for battle!

Some children even acted out how a hillfort helped to defend and protect people from the Iron Age, before being given the task of creating their very own ‘Lego hill forts’. They looked at images of other hillforts around the UK and we even had time to browse ‘Google Earth’ to look at Maiden Castle, in Dorchester.

Great team work Year 3 – I was really proud to see you working reciprocally and being confident, creative and reflective learners this afternoon. Well done!


One comment on “Do you want to build a hill fort?

  1. Lucy Desmond - Weeks says:

    Oh we’ve heard all about hill forts today, Ostin throughly enjoyed this lesson. Thank you so much Miss Hutton for another fab day in Year 3!!!

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