Don’t Even Get Me Started!

You know we love to read at Southill School and even better, we love to meet people who write amazing stories and poems for us to read! Well, Year 5 had a great treat yesterday with an online author special! Dorset Libraries invited us to join in online with the author and poet, Joshua Seigal and what a blast it was! He was very funny, very creative, he has a cat who likes to fall out of windows and his favourite word is ‘goo’! We were so inspired by Joshua’s talk and poems that we decided to write our own version of one of our favourites of his poems, “Don’t Even Get Me Started!” We had great fun listing all the little things (and some big things!) which really just grate on our nerves and really annoy us. Don’t even get me started on mine, I mean, how annoying when you accidentally step in a chilly puddle and get soggy toes?! We worked so hard on our rhyming and syllable patterns and our finished poems are brilliant! Have a read and enjoy for yourself, maybe you might like to write about the things that really get your goat?!


2 comments on “Don’t Even Get Me Started!

  1. Ashy Ashworth says:

    IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!.I loved it so much also really fun. We should do more poems in class.

  2. I’m so glad you loved it Ashton! Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty more poems coming soon!

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