Dragons and Raptors!

Wow! What an amazing time in year 2.

First, we received an email asking for our help tracking down the rare Weymouth Water Dragon!  The children are learning a new non-fiction text and worked really hard yesterday and today remembering some really challenging new vocabulary.  The text map will come home on Monday but in the meantime, ask your children about using the words surprisingly, intriguingly, interestingly and amazingly.

Then we had a very informative visit from Martin at Xtreme Falconry who brought five birds of prey in and explained how the birds are adapted to the habitats that they live in.  We learnt a lot about the hunting features of owls and the different wing types of the day time hunters.  We now know that owls are adapted to night hunting with big eyes, excellent hearing and silent flight feathers.

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  1. Wow! I wish I was there!!

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