Entering the World of Narnia…

        Entering the World of Narnia…


Over the past few days, we have been reading our class text ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’. The children seem to love listening to the story and we have recently been transported to the magical world of Narnia…

We have had discussions about our book, such as:

-What is an air-raid?

-Would you believe your younger brother/sister if they told you they had been to a magical land in the back of a wardrobe?

-How can we describe some of the characters in our book?

-What do we think will happen next?

Some of the children are desperate to find out what happens next…all will be revealed tomorrow!

One comment on “Entering the World of Narnia…

  1. Ayla litherland says:

    Wow ? I remember that I liked lucie the best

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