Exploring autumn

As nature detectives, today we went on a woodland walk to look for autumn clues and treasures. We put on our wellington boots, grabbed our autumn spotter sheets and off we went. The trees are starting to look different now as the leaves are turning brown, yellow, orange and red.

As we walked nearer to our woodland corner, we checked our spotter sheets to find leaves, conkers and seeds. We spotted hawthorn berries in the hedgerow and some spikey holly leaves.

Into the woods, where we sat on the nature stools to look around us.

We collected lots of different leaves and treasures, then headed back out of the woodland corner towards the playground. Here we saw blackberries and spider webs.

After exploring here, we went to the outdoor classroom for our story – Leaf Man. Then we collected some beautiful yellow and red leaves to take back to the classroom.

We will be using the leaves this week to create our own Leaf Man characters, as well as for painting and leaf rubbings. Look out for our Leaf Man creations.


One comment on “Exploring autumn

  1. Sophie Murray says:

    Eddie loved this! It sounded like you collected lots of fantastic treasure. Thank you so much.

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