Exploring samples from Alchemy Island.

This week we have been transported through time and space in our new project ‘Alchemy Island’.  We have been given a riddle to solve, a map and key to follow, we have found portals around the school, looked at maps and grid references, created our own maps, explored portal music and written portal settings, phew!

Today we were sent some samples from Alchemy Island to get to know the terrain a bit better, including shingle form Silver Beach, crystals from Crystal Hedge Forest and swamp mud from Fogwind Swamp – yuck!

Our intrepid scientists used their resourceful skills to look at all properties and characteristics including magnetism, electrical conductivity, hardness and transparency,

Well done Year 5 on such sensible and reciprocal learning. There was a real buzz of learning in the classroom this afternoon and it has been a pleasure to see you enjoy our new project so far!

2 comments on “Exploring samples from Alchemy Island.

  1. I really enjoyed doing this! Thank you Mrs Hill! 🌟

  2. I really enjoyed this thank you Mrs Hill🌟✨

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