Expressing ourselves in Class 2

What a fantastic week we have had expressing our emotions in class 2.

We have started every morning reflecting on how we feel using a ‘mood monster’ to help us.  Different colours and expressions express different moods.  It’s been really interesting to see that we don’t all feel the same and we don’t feel the same every day.  Have a look at some of our different moods this week.

We’ve expressed ourselves using art, dance, PE and music.  What a lot of fun we have had!  Pictures, paintings, origami frogs, dancing and moving.  It’s good to find so many different ways to express ourselves.

A huge thanks to Lauren and Molly from Razzamataz for leading such an inspiring dance session this morning.  We really enjoyed expressing ourselves through the medium of dance.

We have also written some really amazing riddles – have a read and see if you can guess the animals we were describing…

Have a lovely weekend.  Try to get out and about if you can; look for signs of Spring.  Have you noticed it’s a bit lighter for longer in the evenings now?  I’ve seen a few snowdrops peeping through the soil – what signs of Spring have you seen?

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