Eye didn’t know that!

Today, Year 6 started their new Science project ‘Light Theory’ where they learnt all about the eye and how we see things.

We started off by looking at the key parts of the eye and understanding how each part plays an important role in helping us to see. We discovered that the lens helps the eye to focus light in order to create a sharp image. We also learnt that the iris can change in size to help control how much light enters through the pupil. If it is bright, our pupils will reduce in size. If it is dim, our pupils will get bigger so it can let in more light.

We then watched a video which went into detail about how we can see images from a light source and when light hits the retina, it causes the image to be flipped upside down! Our brain then flips the image back the correct way after it has received the image from the optic nerve!

Well done Year 6 – lots of brand new learning today!

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