Forest School Fun

Today we have had a brilliant time at Forest School!!

The aim of the day was to create a shelter following on from our DT learning this half term. We were given a success criteria and learnt that these are things that our design has to achieve. Lots of us had brilliant ideas, but we found it tricky to follow our plans once the action started! Luckily for us Mrs Butler is a shelter building expert! You can see in the photos below that we worked in small teams to build out shelters, we had to think about communicating with one another, working together, taking turns and remembering how to tie a timber hitch which we learnt yesterday!! One of the success criteria was that the shelter needed to be waterproof..  to test this we poured water over the top of our shelters once they were made and we were inside! There was lots of screaming… but luckily we all managed to stay dry!

Throughout the day we enjoyed lots of other exciting forest school activities, including….

balancing on the slack line

making nature mobiles

reading and playing with our new ‘forest friends’

getting creative in the mud kitchen

chilling out in the hammocks

making our own Forest School rock pets and a shelters to keep them warm and dry and finally….

having a story with a fire, popcorn and hot chocolate!!!!


We have had such a brilliant time exploring outside, learning how to make a fire and how to stay safe around it, problem-solving and working with our friends and trying out lots of new activities.

Can we do it all again tomorrow?!

Enjoy the photo gallery below



7 comments on “Forest School Fun

  1. Becca Sanderson says:

    Chloe has such a lovely day, thank you! She chatted to us for ages, telling us about everything they did that day. The fire and the treats topped the day for her!

  2. What brilliant photos! Rosie absolutely loved forest school. I don’t think she stopped talking about it from the minute I picked her up to the minute she went to bed 😅

    What a fab experience for them all!

  3. Thank you so much, Isobel has had The Best day, she hasn’t stopped chattering about it since! What a fabulous opportunity 😀

  4. We have loved hearing all about forest school! Thank you – James really enjoyed it! 🙂

  5. M Wilson-Browne says:

    Isabella had an amazing day , she told us all about it. The clothes tell their own fun story . So good .

  6. Dylan had the best day he said he loved being outside making the best fire ever and enjoyed working with Jose too
    We are so lucky to have this on site

  7. Wow !!! Year 1 you looked like you all had an amazing day at forest school. Lots of great learning even making your own forest school rock pets !!! Fantastic.

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