Forest School Session 2 – God’s eyes and mud slides!

It was only 3 degrees at today’s session but we kept warm in a number of ways. We learnt about Houseplant week that runs from 8-14th January.  We talked through the benefits of having house plants.  Then we had a go at playing ‘Crocodile, crocodile, amy I cross’ which is a twist on bulldog.  That certainly warmed us all up! There were some very fast runners in the group and also some good tactics shared with great communication.

We then had fun estimating the height of the trees in our lovely school grounds.  This involved walking away from the tree and looking backwards through our legs until we could see the top of the tree.  We then measured the distance from our feet to the base of the tree trunk and this gave us a rough height of the tree.  Although it is a rough guide, we thought about how to make our testing more accurate and fair – fantastic science skills and not forgetting the maths skills that were used to add up the lengths and convert measurements from centimeters to metres.  We did look odd – randomly stopping and looking through our legs!

God’s Eyes were next on the agenda.  Great focus and listening really helped us all achieve making one and the colours and variations was lovely.  Hot chocolate and biscuits warmed us up and refueled us ready for choosing time which involved a mudslide (very muddy), hammocks (very relaxing) , muddy kitchen and writing up our Forest School’s Code of Conduct.   We risk assessed the mudslide and the children came up with some rules to ensure that everyone stayed safe: and everyone did.

All in all, a chilly but fun week.  Wl done Forest Schoolers – next week we will learn about building fires so we stay even warmer.

2 comments on “Forest School Session 2 – God’s eyes and mud slides!

  1. This looks like SO much fun!

    Can I have a go at sliding down the bank?

  2. Emily Jones says:

    I can’t believe there can possibly be any mud left at school, I’m sure Albert brought it all home with him! Haha!

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