Forest School Session 5. Wonderful wands

We found our own magic spots today and we used two senses to watch and listen to nature.   We heard a lot of leaves rustling and noticed that there were not many birds singing.  We discussed how many birds head to warmer climates when the temperature changes.  It is also noticeable how many leaves are changing colour and some trees have lost all their leaves altogether.

Carrying on with our potion theme from last week, we found some wood in the woodland walk and made some wands.  To make them the right size, we carefully and safely used some loppers.  Wool and other natural materials were used to decorate our wands.  Take a look how lovely and individual they are.  We thought carefully about how to share and ask for the scissor politely, and we needed to show resilience when tying knots with the wool.  We had so much fun that time ran away and we couldn’t make a fire this week – so that will be next week now instead.

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