Forest School Week 12. It’s a wrap!

Well those 12 weeks whizzed by.  I can honestly say that this wonderful group of children have completely embraced Forest School – come rain or shine.  And there has been a LOT or rain. The most that I have experienced!  But it has never dampened our spirits!

They embraced the mud … maybe a little too much!  They made (mud) slides.  They cooked.  They  made numerous fires, They cooked some more, They whittled. They played games and ran around and around.  They used tools to saw and cut.  They learnt about hazel and elder and other tress in our school grounds. There has been so much child led and self motivated learning going on.

But what was so lovely in the last session was our final chat and reflection around the fire whilst eating smores and drinking hot chocolate… in the rain!  It was obvious that they had made new friends.  Communication skills and self esteem have increased so much.  They have learnt about boundaries, respecting nature and have a good sense of stewardship to take forward.

I know that they will transfer some of these skills back to the classroom.  I also know that they will be happy being outside in different weather and that they will remember their sessions for a long time.  I certainly will.  Well done the Spring Term 2024 Forest School group.  You are all amazing!  I have loved getting soggy with you all!

Here are some photos from our wet afternoon – but we made the best fire ever!!

3 comments on “Forest School Week 12. It’s a wrap!

  1. Sam Miller says:

    We are so grateful Olivia has had the opportunity to take part in these sessions. She has loved it! Thank you 💙

  2. Lola Allen says:

    That looks fun 😁 😂 😀 I want to go there next term!!!!!

  3. Lola Allen says:

    That looks fun 😁 😂 😀 I want to go there next term!!!!!

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