Forest School Week 2 (and the sun still shone!)

It was another stunning afternoon full of fun activities.  We recapped and talked through our Forest Friendship Code that we decided on last week.

Next, we spent some time creating some Andrew Goldworthy mandalas using natural resources in our Forest School space.  We needed to take a photo of our art quickly as we learnt that what is made by nature, can quickly be taken away by nature.  The wind blew some feathers and dandelions away!   This is exactly what Andrew does himself.

Some of us then had a go on the slackline.  We needed to support one another and show great resilience to cross the wobbly walk; it wasn’t for the faint hearted.  Children showed a lot of fairness towards each other and we were so proud that they communicated out who would go when, all by themselves – no arguing at all.  They then independently challenged themselves to make it harder to cross  the slackline with less support from each other.  By the end of the session, everyone had improved their skills and some had even managed to cross the slackline without any help.

Some of us just chilled and took time out in the hammock – talking with friends or listening to nature.  A hammock is a great place to self regulate and enjoy the moment.

Off course some of us chose to returned to the muddy kitchen!

To finish off, we all found our own ‘Magic Spot’ to reflect on our afternoon of fun and to think about our achievements.

Here are some of our reflections …..

‘I felt proud of my mandala art.’

‘I am so proud that I managed to complete the slack line all by myself.’

‘I loved finding a Magic Spot and just being quiet there.’

‘The hammock was so relaxing.’

‘Playing sardines was great fun.’

2 comments on “Forest School Week 2 (and the sun still shone!)

  1. Sonny Blatchley says:

    I love forest school it’s great

  2. Cassie Larkman says:

    Great job everyone!
    Can’t wait to join in very soon ☺️

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