Forest School Week 8. Tools and pumpkins!

What fun we had on Wednesday.  We learnt a new game called the ‘Secret Squirrel Game’ which was all about being a squirrel and using different strategies to hide from a squirrel’s predator – aka Mrs Butler.  She was a fox, a sparrowhawk and a pine martin!  The children hid by climbing up when hiding from the fox as they can’t climb, freezing when hiding from the sparrowhawk so they would stay camouflaged and hiding in a small place from the pine martine.  It was great fun and everyone really enjoyed it!

We then collected and sorted leaves from dark to light colours.  It was then time to learn how to use a hammer safely and created hedgehogs by hammering nails into half a pumpkin.  Using the other end of the hammer, or the claw, we removed the nails back out.  Some of us even had a go at hammering twigs / long sticks too.

There was also fire lighting, which was challenging in the wind and also some muddy kitchen time with some delicious chicken soup being served!  Suddenly, the heavens opened so we had fun either seeking protection in the wood, or embracing the rain and running about in it.  Finally, there was time for a quick game of stealth.  What a busy 2 hours that was!

See you all next week Forest Schoolers and hopefully, we will get to cook on a fire!

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