Forest School Week 9. Poppies, conkers and fire!

The weather was perfect for lighting a fire this afternoon and that is exactly what we did.  Not only did it keep us beautifully warm but it also allowed us to cook popcorn as well as roast apples that were dipped in sugar and cinnamon.  These were s big hit and have been requested next week.

Poppies were painted on wooden biscuits for remembrance day, cotton wool set alight, hammocks were laid in and we also learnt about the game of conkers.

First of all, we needed to make a hole in the conkers using a hand drill before threading some string or wool through it.  Knot tying was essential to ensure that the conker didn’t fall off.  The fun part came next – trying to hit each other’s conkers.  This was harder than we anticipated.  To stay safe, se stood sideways on so no cokers would hit us in the body and we needed to be focused on the task and move out of the way quickly if we needed to.

We had a really lovely afternoon with some great teamwork and some Forest Schoolers showing real resilience and consideration for others.  Brilliant work.

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