Forest School weeks 11 & 12 – Over and out!

12 weeks of Forest School.  Gone!  Just like that.  In a blink of an eye.  None of us can believe that it is over.

But we have had a wonderful last couple of weeks at Forest School.  Our last sessions have been full of games, fun, tools, fire, craft and food! We have used saws, loppers, drills and potato peelers to whittle – check out our funky gnomes and our half made christmas tree below!  Fires have been started and kept going by the children and lovely snacks such as campfire donuts and apple fritters have filled our stomachs.

We reflected about our time at Forest School whilst drinking hot chocolate and munching donuts around the toasty fire.  Some found it hard to pick their best activity; indeed, a lot of the children replied with ‘Everything was great!’  Although we are sad our time is over, we agreed how we felt so much more confident to try new things, how it is okay to take risks safely and how it has been lovely to communicate with a new group of friends.  We have learn the importance of listening to one another, following rules of games fairly and how important teamwork is, especially when collecting firewood!

We have learnt how to use our senses in nature.  To slow down and notice the changes of the season by just sitting and watching and listening.  It can be so peaceful and is a lovely thing to do for our well being as we connect to nature.  We have been fascinated by bugs and wildlife in our lovely Forest School area.  And we have learnt how to care for our environment – looking after living creatures and caring for trees.  We have managed all of this, and we have had lots of laughs and loads of fun along the way!!

You have been such a brilliant group and I will really miss working with you!  It has been a privilege to see you all grow in so many ways.

2 comments on “Forest School weeks 11 & 12 – Over and out!

  1. Thank you so much! Liam has absolutely loved his Forest school sessions.

  2. That is so lovely to hear – thank you. Liam has been a superstar and it has been wonderful to have him at Forest School 🙂

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