FOSS you’re FAB!

FOSS you’re FAB!


Friday saw Southill students and staff kindly being treated to a delicious ice cream, ice lolly or slushy.

It has been rather a topsy turvy year, filled with many disruptions and FOSS events sadly having to be cancelled. Yet despite this, FOSS have stuck by the school throughout this difficult year and to provide this extra special treat for the children really just sums up how spectacular the Southill community truly is.

Thank you for making Friday such a special day, FOSS. The children and staff most definitely enjoyed their sweet treats in the sunshine.


3 comments on “FOSS you’re FAB!

  1. Lucy Weeks says:

    Amazing! Thank you so much to FOSS!! From the drips on Ostins polo top to the sticky shoes he most certainly had a wonderful time.. Thank you !! 🍦

  2. Mrs Hill says:

    Thank you so much FOSS, it was a delicious and very welcome treat 😊

  3. Lots of very happy children, Will loved his icecream. Great photos, thank you FOSS for organising 😀

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