Friendship and Anxiety Workshop

Friendship and Anxiety Workshop


This afternoon, Louise and Lauren came into Year 4 in order to talk to us about maintaining friendships and how to manage the feeling of anxiety. It was really interesting learning about the brain and how sometimes it can cause us to doubt ourselves, worry and over-complicate matters.

We looked at a number of scenarios as a class which may have happened already or may happen to us in the future. The children looked at situations such as falling out with our friends at play time, not being able to work with our best friend in class or even feeling overwhelmed with anxiety about something which makes us then not want to do it. It was brilliant hearing the children answer questions and solve the problems put in front of them. Louise and Lauren were very impressed with the solutions that Year 4 came up with.

We rounded off the session thinking about our ‘Support Networks’. Children needed to consider who they could talk to if they ever felt sad of worried about something, both at home and at school. Teachers, Mums and Dads, brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles and even pets were mentioned!

Well done, Year 4.

Mr. P


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  1. Noah.graham says:

    This was a interesting thing for me but after a few lessons on it I got the hand of it

  2. Last night I have a fallout with my brother and then i went to bed and did the animal abc thing where you had to think of an animal begining with that letter in the alphabet i did them all exept for N. Thank you Mr.Prior

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