Funny Faces!

This week in Year 1 we have had a great time learning all about portraits.

As part of our Childhood topic we have started a project titled ‘Funny Faces and Fabulous Features’ which is all about our faces, features and different types of portraits.

To start off the week we took a good look our facial features in the mirror! We discussed how, although we all have the features; eyes, ears, nose etc. we actually all look different! We then used our mirrors to help us draw a Self Portrait. This is when we draw a picture of ourselves. We thought about where our eyes are in relation to our ears to help us create pictures that are accurate and that we feel truly represent how we look.

Throughout the week we have looked at and compared different types of portraits and noticed how the subject is always a person. We talked about different materials that artists have used, such as paint on canvas, pencils, oil pastels and photography.

At the end of the week we had a go at making our own ‘funny face’ portraits using photos and collage. This is a technique which we have explored before in year 1 where you use lots of different smaller pieces to create one picture overall.

A brilliant, and very funny week in Year 1. Well done everybody!

3 comments on “Funny Faces!

  1. Lauren Stedman says:

    Looks like great fun!

  2. Sophie Murray says:

    George has been telling us all about this. He loved it. He has also been telling us about the gingerbread man he made and how he was similar to his partner. Great fun learning! Thanks Miss Curtis and Mrs Jones.

  3. Desmond - Weeks says:

    Hee hee these look amazing!!

    Thank you for another fun filled week in Year 1 Miss Curtis and Mrs Jones!!

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