Golf. Crazy Golf! Fore!

The Rainbow fish KS2 have been very busy this week. As well as working hard with our BBC Bitesize Maths and English learning, we have been trying our hand at golf …. “FORE!”

On Tuesday we took out the golf bag onto the field and swung a 7 iron – to varying degrees of success – and with lots of enjoyment.

On Wednesday we took to the putting green and built our own ‘crazy golf’ course that included ramps, jumps and tunnels.

Thursday saw a change from golf to music as we improvised some blues licks and beat some African rhythms on the djembe drums.

It was ‘eyes down’ on Friday for bingo and beetle drive.

Well done Rainbow Fish.


One comment on “Golf. Crazy Golf! Fore!

  1. Wow, looks like you’ve had lots of fun, great stuff Rainbow Fish!

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