Goodbye Year 1!

WOW – it’s hard to believe how quickly the past year has flown by.

We have had so much fun together in Year 1 and learnt so many new things over the past year. I has been lovely to have our first ‘full year’ back at school and both myself and Mrs Jones have been blown away by the children’s development. The children have learnt how to become independent and resilient learners, take risks and not worry about making mistakes. We have seen their confidence grow and develop as they rebuilt friendships and learnt how to work as part of a team.

A HUGE well done to all of the children in Year 1. It has been a pleasure teaching you this year. Good luck in Year 2 – although you don’t need it… you will have a brilliant time with your new teachers.

Have a lovely summer break! Enjoy the photos below, these were taken at different points across the year.


2 comments on “Goodbye Year 1!

  1. Lucy Weeks says:

    Thank you so so much Miss Curtis & Mrs Jones!! Ostin has enjoyed every minute of being in your class. He has grown in confidence this year & learnt so much. I am so grateful for everything you have done for him & sad that they cannot take you with them through the school. Have a wonderful summer . Enjoy your break x

  2. Miss Danielle Keay says:

    Great photos. Thank you for giving Harrison such a lovely year at school. Enjoy your well earned summer holiday.

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