Governors’ Great Big Summer 2023 Challenge

WOW!  We were blown away with your incredible efforts over the summer holidays – willingly taking on our Governors’ Great BIG Summer 2023 Challenge!  All our governors here at Southill Primary would like to say a very big thank you and well done to all those who got involved.  We are pleased to reveal that this challenge raised a super ⭐️£1,498.38 which will go towards our Music Studio fundraising – more exciting details with updates and progress reports coming on this VERY SOON!

Medals and certificates came home with all children who took part this week.  As promised, we counted up efforts from each class and can reveal their grand totals as follows:

Reception Class: ⭐️£23.23
Year 1: ⭐️£541.31
Year 2: ⭐️£307.89
Year 3: ⭐️£267.02
Year 4: ⭐️£124.68
Year 5: ⭐️£119.13
Year 6: ⭐️£116.73

CONGRATULATIONS to Year 1 who had the biggest fundraising total of a whopping £541.31!  They’ll all enjoy a movie with popcorn together this afternoon as their chosen prize.

Thank you to all those who sent photos over during the holidays, so many people enjoyed looking and joining in with your innovative efforts and you really inspired us too.  We’d also like to extend our thanks to a group of talented ex-pupils who spent a morning busking on their driveway as ‘Knock N’ Run’ – we were so pleased (and proud) to see that you’re continuing your musical journey and extremely grateful that you’d remember us and choose to support our fundraising. Glad to see that our Southill Primary Rock Band inspired you all too!  It’s great to keep in touch.

Nice one, everyone.  

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