Harry Potter Day in Unit 3!

We visited Hogwarts today in Unit 3 with a day full of Harry Potter themed activities! We started by designing our own Hogwarts House and crest! We thought about animals which are special to us and the personality traits we think they would have and which are also important to us such as honesty, staying calm and being kind. Combining the two and creating our own names, we then designed some amazing crests! What would you name your Harry Potter House?!

After this, we changed the pace a little and set ourselves a maths challenge to complete a Harry Potter Codebreaker! We needed to use our mathematical genius to solve the problems, match them to a letter and read the hidden message to help unlock the cellar door. Safe to say, we all did it and would be extremely helpful in codebreaking needed situations!

After a quick break, it was back to the maths to solve a MathsMoji problem and again, the group showed great resourceful thinking and problem solving skills, well done everyone! To finish this session we had great fun exploring and, two Harry Potter themed websites to play games, design more shields and explore the world of Harry Potter.

After lunch it was time for a bit more art using Art For Kids Hub to draw our own Harry Potter characters. Have a look at our amazing art skills and talents, brilliant pictures everyone!

The day was finished with a fabulous gym session using ALL the equipment in the hall to climb, swing, twist, turn, balance, jump and travel. Phew, what a fabulous day, thank you everyone!


2 comments on “Harry Potter Day in Unit 3!

  1. Renata Campos says:

    It looks like a fun packed day. Josh had a blast 💥 thank you so much 🧡

  2. It was a really fun day and Josh did so well, he is a very talented artist!

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