Having a BALLTASTIC time playing Benchball!

Having a BALLTASTIC time in Benchball!


Our session afterschool today was a real favourite of Year 6’s when they were in my class many moons ago…It was of course Benchball. Using ‘The Wheel of Names’, Evan (Bish) and Lenni-Jay (Lennifer Jennifer) were randomly selected to be the team captains. We then venture up onto the top playground to begin the game…

We played a number of matches with various rule changes throughout and it was great to see the children thinking tactically about how they could best win each game using their personal (and combined) strengths. It was an incredibly tight contest. In fact, before the final game was played, Bish’s team were on 9 points and Lennifer Jennifer’s team were on 8. However, after the final game had been played, Lenni’s team were able to use the bonus ball to their advantage making the final score

Bish 910 Lennifer Jennifer


Once again, it was fantastic seeing the children being fiercely competitive, having fun and working as a team.

Next week, the children will need clothes that they do not mind getting wet in and a towel as we end on the best sport of all…WATER PONG!


Mr. Prior


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