Hello Year Six!

Welcome back!

It was so lovely this morning seeing everyone come into school with big smiles on their faces, ready to start the new school year!

We spent the morning learning about or new timetable, getting used to new routines and deciding on our rights, responsibilities, rewards and consequences for our Year 6 Class Charter. After break we started our new class novel Letters from the Lighthouse and spent lots of time discussing what we already knew about the Second World War. I was so impressed with the facts that were shared!

In the afternoon, we started our first art project Tints, Tones and Shades. We watched a video on how to create different tints, tones and shades and then had a go at practising these skills in our sketchbook. This was quite a challenging task but everyone showed great resilience and persevered! We then ended the afternoon with the daily mile and sitting on the benches in assembly!

Well done everybody, what a brilliant first day in Year 6!

8 comments on “Hello Year Six!

  1. Thank you for a fab first day! Samuel has had great fun and loved the art!

  2. I had an amazing first day thank you

  3. Molly Foster🦒💚🥁 says:

    Wow jam-packed day! I remember doing that painting on the first day of year 6 🤣

  4. I had a brilliant first day in year 6 and I hope everyone else did too.

  5. Renata Campos says:

    Thank you for an amazing day, Josh had a blast!

  6. becci dight year 6!!! says:

    hi I had a jam pack day it was soooooo fun

  7. Coco🤩 Year 6 says:

    My first day was awesome!! I loved every single thing we did. I’m excited for what’s to come next in year 6😁😁

  8. Grace❤️‍🩹🤟🏼 says:

    I’ve loved every single day in year.6 so far! I’ve learnt so many new things about World war 2. I’ve enjoyed science and learning all about how fast light travels. I’ve learnt that light DOESNT a travel off a mirrored surface. However,I have learnt it travels off stars.My skills for shared writing-I think- have improved sooooo much!! I love maths a bit more now,as I’ve learnt what to do and how to explain why. Year.6 is amazing and I can’t wait to do SATS and everything else! -(year 6 sat celebration-) thank u mr.bell,Mrs.Savage and Mrs aitkin.

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